Not Today

There is a girl, just like in another story,

who loves this boy, just like in another story.

She would be thinking of this boy,

and she would be missing of this boy.

For years, she took some chances,

never for a second she changed.

My love is beyond the sky, she said

My love is no ordinary, she claimed.

His name would come out from her little lips,

most, from all her prayers, days and nights

She found a way to have his heart,

a way lead her to Him, to have his heart.

Until today, she woke up

Eyes puffed, a messed up

The time she took the first pray,

the time his name left unsaid.

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Melepas Kembali

Beberapa kali sudah aku melepasnya

Tak bosan sepertinya aku harus begini

Menariknya dan melepaskannya

Mendekatinya lalu menjauhinya

Entah apa keinginan besarku

Mendapatkannya atau membiarkannya

Menangis bersedu untuk meraihnya

Atau tersenyum untuk melepasnya

Ingin hati menahannya

Ingin hati pula menyerah akannya

Pilihan bulat telah ditanganku

Mencintainya untuk melepas kembali


What time is it?

I can’t see clearly the window

What time is it?

Is it still the day, or is the sun low?

What time is it?

There was you

Eyes closed tight

I love you

My lost light

What time is it?

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The Old Me Says

Can’t believe my skirt slays

Guess the air is now happy

But the old me says

No, darling you can’t be happy


So I saw him today

White shirt, and handsome smile

But the old me says

No, honey you can’t smile


I get up after the fall and pray

God help me win this guy

But the old me says

Good luck cause He loves to lie




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I Can’t Hear A Thing

White lies is what I eat

Dim light is what I see

Falling water becomes my beat

And my own voice is what I hear


They told me how crazy I am

For years running for a man

A man who once held my hand

A man who once was mine


Get over him they said

Move on hun they said

My heart feels a sting

No I can’t hear a thing

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I Am Just Nice

When you’re just nice, people think you overreact

When you’re just nice, people think you a sly

When you’re just nice, people think you’re pathetic

When you’re just nice, people think you’re just very lonely

When you’re just nice


In this winter night, I felt cold
I felt cold yesterday too
But I felt colder now

Our love was so beautiful
You hugged me everyday
But now its painful
You hurt me and said goodbye

The birdies are no longer singing
The trees are no longer swaying
And Im no longer smiling
Cause you left me hanging

The flower snows are falling
And the sun is not shining
Our boat is sinking
As your heart is now changing

That one day you remembered
Was the best I could ever imagined
You said it was your best too
Yes I remember it, boo

We said love, we said forever
Promise to be together
But then you hurt and lied
I said okay but still you left
Ended us, in this cold winter night

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